Ever want to build a static site? Don't fancy Python, Ruby or any other languages? Just like you, I do like javascript, and node made it so fun.

Nico is written in javascript, using what you are familiar with makes you happy. You are able to change things, you are able to make a difference.


Documentation is available in these languages:


The concept is borrowed from liquidluck with a little improvement. It should works like liquidluck, and it really did. I eat my own dog food, this site is built by nico.

The code of nico is well tested, and you can add more test case for this project.

Nico Users

Who are using nico?

Me, of course. And the nice folks of our team are using nico too.

  • arale project is abusing nico.

More on Wiki

If you are using nico, please add your site to the wiki.

And one more thing to help you setting up a blog: nico-boilerplate.


building status

Contributing is really welcome, but before this you should read the Contributing Guide.

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