Nico Syntax

The nico markup is borrowed from liquidluck, it's simple and elegant, even without nico, it can render pretty well.

Article Syntax

Here is a simple example:

# title

- pubdate: 2012-12-12 12:00
- tags: nico, javascript

This is a simple description, it's not required.


entry content is below ----, it supports markdown syntax.

An article contains four part, which are title, meta, description and content. Title and content are required, others are not.

Meta Data

Meta data is important, it makes article meaningful. Take pubdate as an example, an article with pubdate is POST, otherwise, it's PAGE. A post is rendered by PostWriter, and page is render by PageWriter.

Built-in supported meta data:

  • pubdate: the time when the article is published
  • tags: just tags, it will turn into Array
  • status: status of an article, default is public, other choices are secret and draft
  • template: the template that will render the article, post use post.html as default, page use page.html

You can access meta data in theme templates with something like {{post.pubdate}}.

Want define more meta data? It's easy:

- topic: nico

But you need to get the meta data in theme templates with {{post.meta.topic}}.

Markdown Basic Syntax

If you are not familiar with Markdown, you should spend 15 minutes and go over the excellent Markdown Syntax Guide at Daring Fireball. Here is a brief.

Strong and Emphasize

*emphasize*    **strong**
_emphasize_    __strong__

Inline links:

[link text]( "title")
[link text](

Reference-style links:

[link text][id]

    [id]: "title"




Inline images:

![alt text](http://path/to/img.jpg "title")
![alt text](http://path/to/img.jpg)

Reference-style links:

![alt text][id]

    [id]: http://path/to/img.jpg "title"


# h1
## h2
### h3
# h1 #
## h2 ##


Ordered list:

1. foo
2. bar

Unordered list:

* foo
* bar
- foo
- bar


> blockquote
> > nested blockquote
> ### h3 in blockquote

Inline Code

`code` span

Block Code

Indent at least 4 spaces or 1 tab.

This is a normal paragraph

    this is code block

Markdown Extra Syntax

Extra syntax is powered by nico.

Fenced Code

this is a code block

Fenced Code with Highlight

var foo = "bar";

Highlight Code with Inserted Code

var foo = "bar";

Just insert code

var foo = "bar";

Iframe support

Iframe will be render by the template iframe.html

This will be an iframe

This iframe with 400px height

Wow, you can see, nico is really friendly to front-end developers.

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